Investing tips

You simply don't want to lose your money to another scam

Tips on Doing Your Own Research (DYOR)

Sandwich Network is a decentralized platform where any project starter can create a fundraising presale, it is your duty as an investor to know exactly what the risks involved are.
Take the decision to skip unsafe token sales, or only invest what you are willing to lose.

Audited and KYC token sales

Even an audited and KYC token sale does not protect you from losing your funds, as there are more ways to steal your funds than ways to protect investors.


That being said, here are some tips to help you find low risk token sales on Sandwich Network.

Is the contract audited by one of our whitelisted auditors?

Audits by our partners have proven to detect things like errors in code preventing a successful finalization of the token sale, customizable tax amount (which could be set to 90%+ at any time), unlimited minting, and so on.
No auditor will detect and flag everything suspicious: the findings of an audit depends on many factors. Do use those findings, that you can read in the full audit report, and not only the passed/not passed flag, as a part of your DYOR.

Questions regarding liquidity

Did the team lock the minimal 30% of liquidity of the maximum 100%? Locking 30% means that 70% of the raised BNB/ETH is sent to the team/dev/project wallet directly after presale's success.
If the contract is unaudited, can new tokens be minted and sold?
For how long is the liquidity locked? Can the team remove entire liquidity in 1 month?
Also ask yourself this question: will the team ever own more (unlocked) tokens than the amount sold during presale? If yes, how long until this happens: 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?

Are the tokens vested or locked properly?

The team has the possibility to lock their tokens through SandwichLock: you will see the amount of locked tokens: Are they all locked? For how long? Is it a linear unlock (i.e. release some token at every block)?
Note: some teams/devs use the "Linear Unlock" in their token sale to have their tokens in a smart contract rather than circulating: this looks "good" on the tokenomics, however token can be already "unlocked in the locking contract", which means a large amount can be withdrawn by the team just before the token sale succeeds.

Check the Telegram group

Is the Telegram group botted? Are admins/developers open to questions?
Can you ask questions without being muted or banned? Are there thousands of people (bots?) in the Telegram group already? Are there voice chats ? All these things contribute to a more safe token sale.

Check the Website and Twitter account

Do you see some tweets with thousands of likes and retweets? Are typical answers to those tweets repetitive and pointless (e.g. "Good project")
Does the project use a copyrighted item/picture/movie/anime?
If they use "Ironman" as their token name and Ironman pictures, do you think they were granted a license by Marvel?
Licenses as such can cost millions: Why are they raising funds then?
If they have a CG trailer which is absolutely breathtaking, and likely costs hundreds of thousands, do they need a fund raising?
Do they have a real product?
Or did you participate based on people shilling it?
If they claim to have a fantastic product, is it realistic?
If the economic model is based on taxing other investors, isn't it a type of Ponzi scheme? If not, what are the other sources of income that will benefit all holders and bring this out of the typical Ponzi scheme?
Look for real long term hold with a real product and a sustainable economic model, and with lots of room to grow, especially if you wish to make it through the bear market.