Do your own research

Always do your own research on all projects you want to invest in

Decentralized, open platform

Sandwich Network is a decentralized, open platform. Anyone can mint a token and launch a presale.

Do your own research

All Sandwich does to protect you is automatically lock liquidity after finalizing a (successful) presale. When investing in a project, you should always do your own research.
You can check a project on their:
  • Telegram group
  • Twitter page
  • Website
When reviewing a project, look out and be careful for:
  • Projects without a logo on the presale page.
  • Projects without a twitter page.
  • Projects without a website.
  • Projects without a telegram community.
  • Projects with very inactive owners/developers in the community.
  • Projects with a small (<50 people) community on telegram.
  • Projects that are a clone of other projects (cloned smart contracts).
When reviewing a presale page of a project, look out and be careful for:
  • Projects with a DEX trading price of 50% or less from the presale price.
  • Projects with very high Hard Cap (unless there is a massive community).
  • Projects with a long presale end time (2 days or more) unless it clearly is a very serious project.
Tools to use to check possible rugpulls & honeypots:


Sandwich Network is a decentralized platform. Open for use to anyone. This means Sandwich Network can not be held liable for anyone participating in presales with or without doing any research. Investing is always completely at own risk.
Do your research on a project. Study the website, twitter page and telegram community. Ask the team behind it questions and use tools to review the smart contract.

Bottom line

To remain as decentralized as possible, The Sandwich Network team will not check nor recommend any token sales, unless it was "incubated". Hence a poor DYOR means you accept the risk of losing your funds. Avoid this by learning how to sense shady projects and discover solid ones.