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Transfer your minted tokens into a presale to raise capital

Start off with connecting your wallet: We suggest using Metamask

1. Install Metamask (Learn how to)

2. Go to SandwichLaunch and Connect your wallet to Sandwich

Click 'Connect wallet'. Make sure your wallet is connected to the right network.

3. Fill in your token adress, mint a new token or choose from your tokens

Paste your token address, mint a new token at 'Mint a new token' or choose one of your previously created tokens by using 'Choose from my tokens'.

4. Fill in presale/liquidity raising details

Fill in all presale details. Don't know what certain details mean? Click the 'i' button for more information.

5. Fill in finalizing details

Choose to finalize automatically or manually. And select Liquidity unlocking date.

6. Create presale

7. Confirm

8. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

9. Your presale is now visible in 'My sale contracts'

10. Click the sale contract

Send the required tokens, provide all necessary information and follow the steps. Provide website, logo, socials etc.